Monday, October 29

STICK A "PIN" IN IT: The Power of Pinterest

Tips for Growing Your Following on Pinterest

1)  Products - If you sell products, post a picture and link it back to your website.

2)  Price -  Place a picture with a description and enter the price with a dollar sign as part of the description.

3) Services -  If you provide a service, post a brief video on Pinterest or a great graphic with information.

Most people are visual and this accounts for the rise in people joining Pinterest. The world today is filled with people thriving on information.  If you want to share your knowledge, create a "How To" picture on diagram.  People will love it!

Repin - Like - Comment 
By repinning, liking, or commenting on a picture or post of your own or others increases the likelihood of your item being found in the search engines.  Happy Pinning!

Wednesday, June 27

What is your social media type?

What is your social media type? Why do you use social media? These are two very important questions to ask yourself, if you are considering using social media. Are you using it to be social? OR Are you using it to generate business. Facebook - Do you use Facebook socially? How many people in your target market use Facebook to connect? Do you have a business Facebook page? How can you really connect with your customers on Facebook? Pinterest - Do you have a product based business? Do your clients connect with you better by using visuals (i.e., photography, purses, clothing, shoes)? Did you know that Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks right now? Twitter - Keep it short and sweet! Send your customer base a Tweet! Do you want to connect with your customer through direct messages? Direct customers to your Facebook for more info beyond the 140 characters. Tweet and share your skills and knowledge AFTER connecting with your customers. Contact Cathy E. Smith for developing the best social marketing strategy for you and your business.

Monday, January 2

Start the New Year Right and Get Your Body Tight!!

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Wednesday, November 16

What does your Website say about you and your Brand?

What does your website say about you?  Does it send mixed messages?  Does it really tell people who you are with clarity?  Does it look professional? Did you pay to have someone create your website?  Did you do your website yourself?

1.    What value are you offering people that visit your website?
2.    Do you have a flash on the first page of your website?
3.    Is it user friendly and easy to navigate?
4.    Do you offer your visitors or subscribers something of value for free (i.e. e-book, free newsletter, XX free tips for _________)?
5.    Does your website offer a call to action?
6.    Have you tested your website with friends and asked for honest feedback?
7.    Can someone go to your website and get what they need within 30 seconds?

If you have a hard time remembering, please create a spreadsheet or database called your business profile or my business profile access.  There is nothing worse than distributing your website link and someone saves it and goes back to it a few weeks or a few months or more later and the link is broken and your forgot to renew.  This may also happen if someone saves your business card and comes back to it months later, it may impact your creditability.  

Friday, September 16

I found this great website with a free article spinner. If you write articles showing your expertise or to attract people to your business check out this link! Article Spinner

Monday, September 5

Getting started in Internet Marketing: Is Your Goal Money or Promotion or Both?

Getting Started in Internet Marketing - Is Your Goal Money or Promotion or Both?

There are so many ways to get started in Internet Marketing that you must take inventory of what your goal is and what you want to do on the internet. 
Questions to ask yourself:
1.  Is the purpose to engage in internet marketing to promote your existing business?
2.  Do you want to earn a part-time or full-time income?
3.  How much time are you willing to invest to learn how to use the internet for growth?
4.  How much money do you have to invest to get started?
5.  Are you willing to take risks?
6.  Are you willing to be creative, if you have a limited or no budget to get started?
7.  Are you coachable and willing to focus?

All of these are key questions to getting started in learning and earning on the internet.  In terms of getting started in the right direction, these questions will help lead you in the right direction. Some people are not tech savvy, but would love to earn an income on the internet.  Some people are tech savvy, but have become discouraged by internet scams or programs that promise to earn you money.  Some people just want others to know about their existing business and gain more clients and revenue.  Some people would like both.  Which one are you?

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