Wednesday, June 27

What is your social media type?

What is your social media type? Why do you use social media? These are two very important questions to ask yourself, if you are considering using social media. Are you using it to be social? OR Are you using it to generate business. Facebook - Do you use Facebook socially? How many people in your target market use Facebook to connect? Do you have a business Facebook page? How can you really connect with your customers on Facebook? Pinterest - Do you have a product based business? Do your clients connect with you better by using visuals (i.e., photography, purses, clothing, shoes)? Did you know that Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks right now? Twitter - Keep it short and sweet! Send your customer base a Tweet! Do you want to connect with your customer through direct messages? Direct customers to your Facebook for more info beyond the 140 characters. Tweet and share your skills and knowledge AFTER connecting with your customers. Contact Cathy E. Smith for developing the best social marketing strategy for you and your business.


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